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Journey To Lessen The Gap

By Sharon Priest MSW RCC
& Kathryn Colegrave

Have you ever wondered where a reaction comes from or why we react the way we do? This book draws a clear thread from Susan Anderson’s Theory of Abandonment to the basic six archetypes, defined by Carol Pearson, to the stories of central characters in the Bible. Additional autobiographical stories from the authors illustrate the archetypes working through their lives. Do you want to take a journey with us? A journey towards healing and a clearer understanding of ourselves.

Available in Paperback
October 2024



"One of the things I appreciated most about this book is its emphasis on the importance of faith in our mental and emotional well-being. The author does a fantastic job of illustrating how faith can be a powerful tool in overcoming challenges and finding inner peace."

"The book offers a wealth of psychological knowledge and techniques that can help readers better understand themselves and their relationships. From cognitive behavioral therapy to mindfulness practices, "Journey To Lessen The Gap" provides a comprehensive guide to improving mental health and overall well-being."



Orphans, Wanderers, Warriors, Magicians, oh my! This is not a book for the feint hearted! This book draws from three basic ideologies and shows how they intersect and compliment each other without forcing them into a box with rigid parameters. The narrative draws a clear thread from Susan Anderson’s Theory of Abandonment to the basic six archetypes, defined by Carol Pearson, to the stories of the lives of central characters in the Bible. Not by forcing connections but by logically following the interconnections of all three. The Theory of Abandonment takes us though the SWIRL of intense feelings and psychological trauma leading us to the emergence of the various personalities of archetypes and subsequently to the experience of Biblical characters in interesting situations across both culture and time. The personal experiences of both writers have been incorporated into the story for a real-life connection from two very different life perspectives.

Each one of us is at a different place in our life journey. I have found that I travel not in a straight line, but my journey is full of switchbacks and meanderings. I want to live a life with an altruistic focus by helping others and truly putting others before myself, but in fact, if I do not take care of me, I cannot take care of or help others. Life is full of inconsistencies and paradoxes. When situations in life do not treat us in ways that we expect or deserve, we find ways to rationalize and make sense of circumstances. We can choose to make healthy healing loving decisions or react from our pain and fear. Psychology, archetypes, and faith can become steppingstones to the person we want to be and God created us to be.

King Solomon, in the Bible, tells us “There is nothing new under the sun!” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). The human condition is universal and timeless. When we look at the stories in the Bible, we read of the same archetypes, reactions, struggles and fears that we face today, both individually and as a society. This is a story of abandonment, courage, and love. This is a story of the Holy Spirit and the magic of the universe coming together to take a fractured reality and make it whole again.

This book will help us answer questions about the reality and meaning of both psychology and the Bible. Do they intersect? How do they intersect? Is it possible to believe in the teachings of the Bible and the teachings of psychology? We will absorb and react to the information in different ways, depending on which archetype takes us through the pages. For example, the Wanderer will meander thorough the writings and find a path somewhere through, while the Warrior will raise their banner and fight through the pages, ultimately finding their own way and the Magician will magically put it all together in a way that fits their life and circumstances. From every angle and archetype life is not for the feint hearted. However, with courage and love we can face our individual journey confident in the teachings and faith found in the Bible and with the teachings from psychology to help us understand.

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